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Calling Your Soul Back Home

Join this community for an immersive experience to Call Your Soul Back Home an online Class with Kristena West whose been doing soul retrieval healing since early 90's. Soul retrieval is a shamanic healing. Shamanism is a results oriented form of spiritual healing dating back 40,000 years. It is medicine of the Soul, for the Soul. 

Soul Loss which is recognized psychologically, physically,  and emotionally in realms of somatic healing. 


As shamanic healing addresses the wounds of the soul directly it is a very powerful tool within our contemporary culture for healing numerous illness and emotional trauma such as: depression and anxiety, low self-esteem, abuse, addictions, relationship or career questions, and blocked creativity.


Problems like these occur due to soul loss, and soul retrieval healing unblocks life energy, reclaiming our personal power to release our potential to create the life we long for. We want to be all we can be, to give our gifts to the world, right?


Power Animal Retrieval 

Many people today want to paint their spirit animal, and having an authentic  animal retrieval reveal their personal totem that brings help.

The Animal totems are revered in both indigenous and religious traditions and are the primary story-tellers within the Creation Myths.

These totemic spirits, or ANIMAL ANGELS, as Plato called them, have mysterious and magical powers to help humanity. Everyone has a totem spirit that guards and works with them.

POWER Animals address the issues of power in our lives--what situations we give our power away and why, and where we need power. They teach us what authentic power is, and how to use power effectively.

They gift us with health, protection, good luck, animal allies are particularly interested in helping us align to our true purpose while re-connecting us to the the earth and her people.




  • Identify issues you want to transform

  • Write Story; Collage Journal 

  • Learn How & Receive Your Power Animal Helper

  • Recall Your Soul

  • Create Your Medicine Bundle

  • Heal Yourself! 

Soul Retrieval Healing 

Our wounds are where we got diverted from our life path and we cannot manifest.

We have all been through some form of trauma, it's time to release the story.



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