Medicine Women Lodge Shamanic Healing

This page gives an introduction to shamanism and covers a wide range of shamanic healing work from soul retrieval healing to shamanic dreaming. 

Within every topic are other links for further study-including Case Studies, articles, classes or workshops, and shamanic online self-study program.


Shamanism: is a results oriented form of spiritual healing dating back 40,000 years. It is medicine of the Soul, for the Soul. It is found all over the world in many diverse cultures and disciplines as it is a natural way of relating to the world. It includes the gifts of dreaming, herbal knowledge, medicine, laying on of hands, psycho-pomp (helping the dead cross over), depossesession, extraction, prophecy, soul retrieval and all forms of spiritual healing.

Gaining shamanic knowledge takes a life long study of and dedication to the spiritual worlds and it’s inhabitants. By developing strong relationships with spirits, a practitioner will receive dreams, rituals, ceremony and sacred art as gifts of healing and power. Shamanic practitioners work in co-creation with the spirits and make conscious connection with them in order to help others. In our European heritage we had many shamans, both female and male. We had diverse forms of shamanic or western mystery disciplines; Celtic, Druid, Alchemy, Wiccan, Faerie, Ceremonial Magic to name a few.

Unfortunately, the Witch trials suppressed female (and male) shamanism for hundreds of years and many of these ancient traditions were cloaked in secrecy in order for them to continue. Thankfully, Shamanism and our Western Mystery Traditions are emerging all over the world to take their place as authentic paths of power. 

Many women today are remembering their spiritual gifts of power and utilizing the practices of different shamanic and mystery traditions. The underlying tenants of Shamanism are that the entire world is alive and filled with mystery and power; the trees, rocks, flowers and herbs, the mountains, ocean, stars, sun and moon—the spirits of angels, indigenous teachers, religious teachers, the elemental kingdoms and totemic spirits. 

We can connect with these beings through techniques of that alter our consciousness bringing us closer to the natural order of the universe.In states of awakened consciousness we are able to perceive spiritual reality. This heightened awareness includes many forms of prayer, music making, singing, dancing, and the making of sacred art as well as dreams.


As shamanic healing addresses the wounds of the soul directly it is also a very powerful tool within our contemporary culture for healing numerous illness and emotional trauma such as: depression and anxiety, low self-esteem, incest or abuse, addictions, relationship and sexual issues, negative behaviors, career questions, health problems, and blocked creativity.

Shamanic healing can bring back the missing keys of power to unlock our full potential and health, as well as birthing a sense of peace, well-being and wholeness. Shamanic healing brings us into balance and alignment with our Soul’s spiritual intention and destiny.


Power Animal Retrieval 

Many people today want to paint their spirit animal, and having an authentic spirit animal retrieval will bring them a real spiritual helper. 

Power Animal Retrieval: is a shamanic healing which brings back the totemic spirit (or spirits) who will help us with our life issues.


The Animal totems are revered in both indigenous and religious traditions and are the primary story-tellers within the Creation Myths found all over the world.

These totemic spirits, or animal angels, as Plato called them, have mysterious and magical powers with which to help humanity. Everyone has a totem spirit that guards and works with them.

Power Animals address the issues of power in our lives--what situations we give our power away and why, and where we need power. They teach us what authentic power is, and how to use power effectively.

Power animals also gift us with health, protection, good luck and a reconnection to the Earth, our body and our ecstatic self. They are guardians of wisdom and can offer practical assistance in matters of our body-mind-spirit. Totemic spirits are particularly interested in helping us align to our true purpose while re-connecting us to the the earth and her people.

Learning how to contact your Power Animals will bring you specific information about; problems, issues and life directions regarding all aspects of your life.


  • make appointment for healing work

  • send email list of issues you want help with 

  • be still at the time of healing work

  • a podcast of journeywork, healing and ritual work will be sent via email

  • receive a medicine bundle from healer to put on altar


The fee of $375 covers power animal retrieval, soul retrieval and soul retrieval integration ritual. 

$375 Combo

$150 Power Animal Retrieval


Soul Retrieval Healing 

If we don’t get our spiritual power back, one of the problems we face is not only repeating painful patterns but also talking about them. Our story is the road into the wound. We tend to repeat our trauma both in outer events and in the stories we tell. If we are unconscious, then we may not understand that the soul is weaving the hero or heroine’s journey. Our job is to pay attention and follow the thread into the labyrinth.

• depression & anxiety 
• issues of power or powerlessness
• low self-esteem
• incest or abuse addictions
• relationship and sexual issues
• negative behaviors
• career questions
• health problems
• blocked creativity


Soul Retrieval: is spiritual healing for the soul. Shaman's and psychologist's say that during times of illness, shock, accidents, divorce or death of a loved one, deep trauma- emotional, physical or sexual abuse, we disassociate or experience "soul loss." Disassociation means we send a part of our soul out of our body during the trauma. We do this in order to protect ourselves. But many times the soul part does not come back. Losing parts of our soul essence we lose spiritual power. This has a direct effect on our ability to manifest creatively or to pursue our life purpose.

When we suffer soul loss we can feel a deep void within us--and we may experience emotions such as anger, depression, anxiety, fear, or we may feel simply, "checked out," or "spaced out." Many people suffering from soul loss say they feel as if they are standing behind themselves- peering through their eyes, or they feel they are "watching" a movie of their life, not really experiencing it fully. Over time this can cause a deep sense of unease and frustration. Feeling this void can be so painful that we start unhealthy behaviors in order not to feel.

These behaviors can become habitual addictions, and can negatively affect us emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Soul Retrieval is a shamanic healing which brings back the soul parts that disassociated, so we can integrate our spiritual power, giving us the opportunity to make healthy and creative changes and intend the life of our dreams.

The successful resolution and integration of a Soul Retrieval may bring changes, new life directions, a rebirth of our creative energies, reconnection with self, good health, and well being. Soul Retrieval is medicine of the Soul, for the Soul.

$150 Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval: Reclaiming Lost Aspects of Self

The wound is where we denied or got diverted from our spiritual path. But psychology, tells us that to identify, feel, and release the pain of our wound is to bring wholeness and healing to our body, mind, and spirit. Yet so many aren’t healed even after years of psychological work.

Using the shamanic technique of soul retrieval can bring results and individual healing by bringing back spiritual power.


Receiving a soul retrieval can be a primary first step on our healing journey. We have all been through some form of trauma in our life time. It takes time to integrate a soul retrieval. But over time, as the power is integrated into the soul life, aspects of the self that have been out of balance begin to realign. This process can be easy and relatively uneventful or it can take conscious effort and intent. The inner work really begins after spiritual healing.

Soul Retrieval Integration Ritual


Soul Retrieval Integration and Ritual Arts: will anchor the healing into the body and soul while enhancing creativity in a ceremonial context. After a soul retrieval we must have a way in which to integrate the healing.

This is done through the use of empowered ritual. Since Soul Retrieval can release a profound amount of creative energy, it must be directed in positive, creative, life empowering ways.


When we go into sacred space and enact our ritual, we are building a bridge to the spiritual realities and are in dialogue with the spiritual beings. Ritual connects us to our deep self and the divine magical realities. Creating a sacred art piece to hold the intention of our healing will call our dreams into manifestation.