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Invitation to Start Your Heroine's Journey in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardy

Updated: Jun 21, 2019


Once upon a time when I was younger than I am today, my mother told ancient archetypal stories at bedtime; myths, legends and fairy tales.  She had a magical quality and the elemental kingdom, fairies, elves and flower folk, she could bring to life. Listening to stories we creativity built our own inner pictures, and Beowolf, Cinderella and Grimms Fairy tales were riveting and we made glorious pictures of these colorful adventures. 

Taking in these deep stories of the soul, were wonderful "pictures" to take over the threshold of sleep. The roots of these precious stories still live in me and are embedded in my soul in a way that a television show cannot match. As the television/video world gives us ready-made pictures and so we watch, passively...this is a loss to the creative imagination. 

This class is a long dreamed of art-soul-writing workshop that has been seeded in my soul for years. I have done all this work myself in this or that artistic, creative writing, journaling, teaching, dreamwork process and practice; as well as years of shamanic training. This work changed my life. Working with clients and students, over the years, I gave these various experiential exercises and saw manifold creative changes take place. 

My personal journey or biography called me to explore the sacred hoop of reality, to explore and research cross cultural modalities, teach dreamwork and shamanic journey work and healing. Exploring the world religions, myths, legends, archetypes, studying western mystery traditions and training with many shamans from different lineages, was my heroine's journey. It not only changed my character and consequently my inner and outer life, it called my soul back home. Doing this work in this class filled with artistic and creative writing exercises will bring up content and so the journey begins. This inquiry into our soul-story is the foundational work of the divine feminine, to call our soul back home. To receive a soul-retrieval from our inner work and spiritual explorations. In this work, we will play, make friends, find our allies and yes, meet our dragons too.

If I can do it, so can you. I am going to teach you how to write your archetypal heroine's journey and call your soul back home. To live your life as who you are intended to become. 

Fun Whimsical

cal high-Play and lots of creative writing, and mixed media arts. Great to take a break and enter into "time for me." 

the Fairy tale is waiting for you, it's open and class is starting. Welcome!

Click the Fairy Tale as My Heroine's Journey