How to Start a Shamanic- Sacred Art Practice; dreams, inner-work, medicine dolls.  
Includes Two Podcasts; Introduction to Dreamwork apprx. 30  minutes.  Comprehensive overview on the basics of dreamwork, how to set up your practice, journaling, categories of dreams, health dreams, precognitive dreams, daily review dreams, warning dreams, big True Dreams. This will get you started in your dreamwork, adventure forward! 

Second Podcast 50 minutes How to Start a Shamanic- Sacred Art Practice; dreams, inner-work, medicine dolls. Beginning to walk a Medicine path or a Spiritual path, we have to clean our inner space.This is a more advanced approach to working with dreams in the field of Medicine Dolls. 

Techniques for inner-work, meditation, character development, contemplation and entering the silence. Includes learning dreamwork and how important implementing a daily dream practice. This leads to developing a shamanic or spiritual art work, in the field of Medicine dolls. Describes how I made  personal power totem dolls; owl spirit women and Bear Spirit women. 

Let's Get Creative Writing. How to start writing Your Heroine's Journey.  
Podcast apprx. 30 minutes covers the topic of How to Start writing a creative writing project. Get started to write your biography the Fairytale as Your Heroine's Journey. Ideas, Tips and Techniques to get over writer's block. 

This podcast is stand alone and does no require the Heroines Journey online art & soul class. Great writing tips on the process of getting those words on the page. 

Through transformative art lessons and creative writing, hidden threads in your life story will be revealed to you. These, in turn, will help you re-write your personal narrative and live your life as the heroine of your journey.