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Kristena west M.A online classes 

I am an artist, teacher and shaman. I work  with  folks who are searching to give their life more meaning,  by exploring  spiritual traditions, and diving into creative arts to empower themselves and reshape their lives into the Life they Dream of. Dream Big You Can Do it!



Who are We Becoming?

What am I passionate about?

What do I want to do?

Will it be worthwhile?

Will it benefit myself

and others?

Making Art as a daily practice is something that we all need, like breathing air. We all need creative arts in our life, as this brings us peace, relaxation and ease. Let's Get Creative!


Kristena's private work 

“Kristena is a shamanic practitioner,  using dreamwork and art to bring healing! Change your life and Book a private session, she's great!.”

— C. Martin M.A.