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Kristena West M.A.
artist coach shaman dreamer 


intuitive abstract painting
mark making   patterns    textures


SHAMANS EYE Abstract Intuitive Online Art Class
Mixed Media Painting with Kristena West M.A.

Self-Study Classroom Open Now
class best viewed by wide-screen

I am a life-long contemplative painter, following my intuition has become my artistic discipline. But it's taken all my life to move from my beloved figurative art to exploring abstraction with a passion! For years I have been learning new techniques in mark-making and exploring these in hundreds of paintings, drawings and monoprints and it's come together  in a completely new way!

Following our intuition we can rely on the journey taking us to undiscovered rambles

Many of us long to create from our intuition, but we may feel stuck, or fearful of the blank canvas, or mid-way through start to lose confidence as the images keep changing. 

Learn how to overcome these creative obstacles, and move back to a space of balance and confidence and continue the creative freedom of the painting journey. 


Everyone is Welcome, you do not have to be an artist to take this class!

Classroom is open now as self-study course. With some paint, inks, crayons and brushes we start layering the canvas is my outdoor art table where I can take a painting and add abstract layers, washes, inks, stencils and more!