Healing the Chakras

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Preview of Inner-Soul Work Book Arts Project on-line Art Class: Healing the Chakras: What is my emotion?   If we can identify our emotions, we can make conscious decisions toward the good, and create a healthy and creative life-style.

Each emotion has it's Virture and Vice, and lays over the matrix of the spiritual chakras embedded in the physical-spiritual bodies. When we begin or pick up the thread of our inner soul work, put in practices of kindness, generosity or patience in place of our jealousy, anger, greed patterns, we gradually heal our somatic body and chakra systems.

This book art project is based on my WomenSpirit & Journey to the Sacred Male classes.

Offered as self-study you can take one session at a time and work on it. 

“Art addresses us in the fullness of our being. … There are some truths about life that can be expressed only as stories or songs or images. Art awakens, enlarges, refines and restores our humanity.”  
– Dan Cioia poet and former chairman National Endowment for the Arts.

Everyone! We cannot heal without knowledge and understanding of how some of our adaptive behaviors can create havoc with our lives and loves. This is foundational soul work and why millions go to therapy and spend money for years. If we go around interiorly flooded with our emotional content, knee-jerk responses, habitual behaviors or our adaptive coping patterns without being able to Identify What our Triggers are and personal coping mechanisms that can get us in hot water, we simply cannot heal. We will repeat over and over and over, the same story. 


After years of working with men and women, this character development work, although arising material may be difficult, when our soul content is grappled with and grasped consciously, then we can put in corrections and some discipline to overcome our negative traits. Working with the vices-virtues in a "little book" is somehow manageable as we are the artist and the investigator in our personal biography.  


How can we change our life to health and happiness, when many of us are still spring-loaded to our opinions and reactions? So this Soul Work helps us understand ourselves and others, and without blame, just identifying, making observations, we can look at our biography and see where some of our patterns emerged and why. Once folks get a handle on this work, it is never lost, it gives us soul strength and compassion for ourselves and others. 

Now the book arts project is Modern Collage etc, it's a personal journal of our self-discovery.


11" x 14" white Bristol Paper
Mixed Media ephemera
Xacto knife
Papers, Pens & Pencils
Mod Podge
Gel Medium
popsicle sticks

*Journal for notes, dreams & ruminations.

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