Dream work & Creative Arts  Class

Opens in September


Questions to Consider for a Dreamwork Practice 

  •      How do I begin to remember, map, and interpret my dreams?

  •      How does applied dreamwork give results in my daily life, and what are the benefits?

  •      How does dreamwork relate to my current life events or problems?

  •      How do I know what the dreams are telling me in relation to my complex life questions?


Healing the Sacred Wound

  •      How do I use my dream guidance to help me through a habitual problem or addiction?

  •      Can I actually receive a healing from an addiction or compulsive habit in my dreams?

  •      How can dreamwork help me in relation to my unconscious sabotage patterns?

  •      How do I heal early childhood abuse through dreamwork? Heal my relationship with my family of origin?



  •      How can dreamwork help me with my health?

  •      Will dreaming give me guidance I can trust?

  •      Will it warn me in advance of any disease? Can I receive a healing?



  •      Can dreamwork help me to find my Beloved?

  •      Can dreamwork help me with my children, my husband or wife?

  •      Can it help enhance or heal my sexuality? How?


Life Purpose/Destiny

  •      What are my spiritual gifts? Will dreamwork identify them?

  •      Can dreams help move me toward my destiny?

  •      How do I translate my spiritual gifts into a life path?

  •      What does my destiny have to do with the greater common good?



  •      How can dreaming help me to awaken my creativity?

  •      Can dreamwork help me with a creative problem?

  •      Can my dreams point me in the direction of a creative path?